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re: Hi Kenichiro thanks for the tutorial.. すみません、ちょっと闻いてもいいですか How to Enable file upload outside of the Album folder in LiFF ? HTML file upload like b...

That's an interesting question, which I don't have answer. If you run the LIFF app in external browser (as v2, you can run outside LINE) what happens?


Thank you for your reply:)
Every thing is fine when running LIFF app in external browser.

In that case I believe it's LINE client limitation for now, unfortunately.

Unable to understand the purpose of this restriction :(

When user install 3rd party file explorer such like "File Manager+", they can pickup any file form it on LIFF app -> upload -> switch to File Manager+

This restriction will only increase the user's inconvenience.

Yeah totally agree. Hope they find a way to solve it. iOS and Android may behave differently?

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