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Rob Kendal {{☕}}
Rob Kendal {{☕}}

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The Front End: S2-Ep #1

Hello hello and welcome to the very first episode of season two!

That's right, we're back with a bang and a run of episodes on freelancing and breaking away from your day job to freedom!

For the very first episode in season 2, the inimitable Peter White, a developer, entrepreneur and maker based in York, talks all things entrepreneurship. We'll find out how he found his way through being a freelancing, part-time developer, product owner and maker of digital things.

Listen to the brand new episode here:

In this episode

Pete's a lover of all things tech and spends his time getting involved in interesting projects across development and bringing ideas to life.

We discuss his journey into life as an entrepreneur and his top tips on how to follow a life by your own rules.

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Thanks for listening!

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