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Cover image for Looking for the portfolio inspiration and code? Maybe Vue? 🤫

Looking for the portfolio inspiration and code? Maybe Vue? 🤫

Kenan Sejmenović
The passionate web developer who loves solving problems through code. Experienced in Laravel and Vue, also a student.
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Do you need inspiration for building your portfolio? Grab some inspiration from my project.

Technologies used:

  • Vue (vue-router)
  • CSS (flexbox, grids)

Simple, blazing-fast unique portfolio - click here to see it.

Here you can find the source code. 🎯

Mobile-first design.

MIT license - so, feel free to use it.

Lighthouse - every rating over 90. 🚀🚀🚀

Do you want to be a contributor? Here are some ideas for improving the site:

  • showing bottom tooltips of technologies on the small screens
  • adding a LinkedIn icon at the top left
  • a better solution for showing text at About page on different screen sizes
  • making it PWA (Progressive Web App)
  • next-gen images format (webp), except for unsupported browsers e.g. Safari

From the previous commits, you can see that it was performing page statistics. The same can be done from automatic web server logging. It was unnecessary, so I removed it.

Thank you for the huge support on my first (previous) post ever. Hope this one will also help you like the previous one.

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