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21 Open Source Programs & Paid Virtual Internships You Can Apply to!! 💯

keshav44483499 profile image Keshav ・1 min read

1 Google Summer of Code (GSoC)
2 MLH Fellowship
3 Open Source Track Explorer
4 Educational Externship Track
5 Google Season of Docs
6 Outreachy
7 Season of KDE
8 Linux Foundation (LFN) Mentorship Program
9 Community Bridge Mentorship Program (CNCF)
10 Open Mainframe Project
11 Hacktober Fest by Digital Ocean
12 Foss Asia Codeheat
13 Linux Kernel Mentorship Program
14 Redox Summer of Code
15 Hyperledger Mentorship Program
16 Foss Asia Internship Program
17 Open Summer of Code (OSoC) for Students
18 Alibaba Summer of Code
19 Free Software Foundation (FSF) Internship Program
20 Google Summer of Earth Engine (SoEE)
21 The Processing Foundation Fellowships

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