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Tal Bereznitskey
Tal Bereznitskey

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Adding the missing features to GitHub Pull Requests

I love GitHub, but their interface for code reviews and pull requests needs some work. So instead of just complaining, here’s a Chrome Extension that adds a file tree view to pull requests as well as sticky file headers:

Chrome extension

“Better Pull Request for GitHub” extension on the Chrome Web Store
The code is open source and hosted on... GitHub:

You can also install it from the Chrome Store:

So far 2,000 developers are using it daily and many have contributed their free time for fixing issues and adding additional features.

Coding is fun.

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Mpho Mphego

Are you working on a Firefox addon?

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Tal Bereznitskey

No, but it should be trivial to make it work for Firefox since it’s the same structure of project. But currently I want to refine it before I have to maintain to releases each time.