How to handle with toxic programmer?

kevanantha profile image Kevin Anantha ・1 min read

I am a student who passionate technology and I love to code. Every day I spent my day to write some codes and always learn everything about this field.

A couple months ago I applied for a job in a small company with my senior in collage, I got a team with my senior in collage. The problem is, this guy is a toxic I mean He is useless, talked to much like knows everything but did nothing, He just pulled my repo that I made myself and show it to the boss like the code was created by him.

What do You think? And how You handle with this guy?

N.B:sorry for my bad english.


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Jonathan Boudreau

Probably best switching of company. Sounds like they don't have a good hiring process and you'll have to deal with other incompetent programmers as well.

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Kevin Anantha Author

But I need experiences to switch to another companies..
Because I am a student, and most companies in here look for people who have bachelor's degree.

That's why I can't easily move to another companies

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Jonathan Boudreau

Makes sense, maybe there's a possibility to move to a different team at least.

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There's nothing you can do. a Mutual introspection between you and your senior. if you had more skill and can do a coding job alone without a coworker, just do it dont talk too much. leave your "Toxic Programmer" handle the project by himself.

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