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Kevin Lin
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Dendron - an open source, local first, anti-roam note-taking tool

Dendron is meant to be the fastest way for people to create, reference, and collaborate on knowledge. It is based on a hierarchal first approach to note taking.

Hierarchy first means that Dendron helps you effortlessly create, manage, and reference your notes through flexible hierarchies. I call it anti-roam because instead of having every note be everywhere, every note is exactly in one well defined place (which you can change over time).

You can read about our principles here

I use Dendron to manage a corpus of 20k+ markdown notes. When I need to lookup information inside Dendron, I know I can either find it in a few seconds, or if I don't, to know for certain that it is not there. This is an incredibly empowering feeling of control in an age of information overload and it is an ability I want to give to every person in the world.

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yellow1912 • Edited

Interesting. Would it work for building documents for an application then later publish it to the web?

To be clear, I want to use it as a central place for internal team to build versioned application documents, but I want to:

  1. Embed rich media inside documents
  2. Export everything to say a folder
  3. Use my markdown parser to build and customize the end result HTML (I may want to style up things a bit)
  4. Has js helper lib that still allows me to enjoy the nice navigation feature of dendron.
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Kevin Lin

Apologies for the delay. The answer to 1-4 is a definite yes! If you have questions about specifics, feel free to reply below or inside our discord: