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How to build a great tech team that delivers!

A great tech team delivers high-quality software within the stipulated timeline. They are well-co-ordinated individuals who work towards a common goal and thrive to achieve them.

1. Who should you hire?

I have interviewed a lot of people with a technical background and I think we can separate talents into two categories -

A. Highly academic / Experience at the highest level.
B. Dedicated to learning with the ability to deliver.

I have seen a lot of people hire the first kind and fail miserably and spend a lot of money/resources on them. I think the reason is simple, either people aren't able to convert their academic knowledge to practical ones or there are a few things different at your company that the experienced ones aren't able to adapt to and aren't willing to learn.

In my opinion, the second group that is dedicated to learning is a great choice in the long-run as they are willing to learn new things and adapt to them. They are usually people who are more passionate about their field.

2. Build a strong and motivated core team.

You and your co-founders can't make all the decisions/critical work. You need a strong group of people who are extremely passionate and can handle multiple responsibilities.

3. Provide resources to learn and grow.


You have to invest in people or give them time to learn new things. Enroll people in online classes, provide free knowledge materials, pay for their tech meetups.

4. Build a great work environment.


Make sure you build a fun work environment so it doesn't become boring. Keep the team motivated with fun activities and make sure that work is not the only thing team is spending all of their time on. Productive people will always give better results.

And that's it!

In case you don't want to do all this, then just hire a good software development company.

I have been building my team at Inkoop for 5 years now, we have a very strong team who delivers great tech on time.

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