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How do you manage a difficult client?

Recently I took a freelance job to create a certain website. I took different small time projects before but this latest one is fairly bigger than any of my past projects. I did the stuffs but everytime there is always a revision for this module x and a new module called y. Then there are also time where I implement a module based on what they want and later in the future they decided to change the flow and how it will works and called it (small logic changes).

There are contracts, there are sprints. But because of the unbelievable changes some sprints are never met. There are also no additional payments for this and due to late sprints payments are also delivered late. And then there is a pressure from the clients to deliver things at the deadline because it is in the contract.

My Question is this? How do you manage such situation? I'm fairly new to freelancing but this is the first time I encountered this kind of client.I know I should never say yes in everything (I realize this so late) and in honestly I was a bit of scared for the legal reason.

Any thoughts will be great help :) Thank you

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Without knowing all the details of the contract it is difficult to say.

But know this. This issue needs to be understood by both parties up front before ANY coding is done. If additions to the original spec are requested there will be an additional charge, period.

At this point all you can do is try discussing this with your client and hope to make them understand that you do not work for free (as they would not).
Unfortunately, there is not much you can do otherwise. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure the client understands how you handle "feature-creep" from a billing standpoint. You may have to just write this one off as a learning experience.

Good Luck!

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