You have been accepted into the Udacity Technology Scholarship powered by Bertelsmann!🎁🎁

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I just recieved an e-mail from udacity about my admision for the Bertelsmann Scholarship telling me that i have been accepted into the Udacity Technology Scholarship,

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I choosed the data track hoping it will be a good experience to add to my carreer after a one year gap.also I liked to share with you guys this good news so it will be my first post on πŸ˜†

Class begins Nov‍emb‍er 2‍0th, 2‍01‍9,This is where the learning begins! we will spend 3.5 months learning key components for Cloud Computing, Data Analysis (my track), or Artificial Intelligence. Top students from this initial phase will earn a full Nanodegree program scholarship.

50000chances #UdacityTechScholars #PoweredByBertelsmann.

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Hey hey,
It sounds a great news!
Well, if it is your first post then please make some more posts during the scholarship like an experience. I am sure there are people here who would love to hear from you :)


Hi Laszlo Toth,
looks great idea thank you


This is awesome. Congrats! I’m sure you’ll be busy but if you find the time be sure to share what you learn with us here!


great news to start the weekend :) Congrats and best of luck. Happy learning

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