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My favorite Twitch Streamers in 2022

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It's been a good two and a half years since a bunch of us started working remotely. For me, it became really useful and comforting to put up a Twitch stream. There are a lot of wonderful Twitch channels out there, but these have been my favorites. In this unordered list you'll find a bunch of streamers in the categories tech, coworking and music, each cozy in their own special way.


ChillhopMusic has been a staple for my home office. The vibes are perfect as a chill background set. Which might be the reason a lot of Twitch streamers use this music for their coworking sessions.


Cassidoo's humour and knowledge make it a joy to watch her streams. A wonderful channel to follow if you're interested in coding and jokes.


Hola_soy_milk streams in Spanish and English. They focus mostly on coding streams. Amongst which is the most accessible teaching and learning content! They help run free coding bootcamps together with jesslynnrose and I highly recommend their cozy and chill stream vibes.


With a heavy focus on being inclusive and friendly, whitep4nth3r dives into a diverse range of topics around science and technology. They also have a really useful website with a lot of knowledge that I can recommend visiting.


Aminoanic does coworking pomodoro-style streams. With a positive chat and cozy music vibes, it's a great way to get things done while taking enough breaks in between.


The focus of Nick Taylor's streams is coding. But often they dive into other related content together with their guest or on a solo stream. With a variety of topics in their video archive and more interesting streams coming up, they are a go-to for positive curiosity.


AlleyKayDJ is a DJ in Toronto and streams together with her cat bubs. Does some amazing house, techno and D&B sets!


Jlengstorf learns new things on stream! In 90 minutes he dives into a subject (mostly coding related) together with an expert. Another boom of positivity that should clench any thirst for new knowledge.


If you're interested in learning more about open source and humanitarian aid delivery, distributeaid is the place to go. Their streams are a wonderful adventure of two engineers figuring out how to do things together.

Need an overview for all those streamers you LOVE?

Now... if you've just gained a bunch of extra streamers to follow on your Twitch account, and need a quick overview of when they might be streaming, I got you covered.

Last year I made a little project using the Twitch API. It's called If you log in using your Twitch account, it'll give you a quick overview of when the streamers you follow will stream next.

You're welcome ;).

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Ramón Huidobro

omg thank you so much for the kind shoutout 🥰

What an honour to be listed with such amazing folks!

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Of course! Thanks for the lovely streams