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Here’s How Casinos Are Using AI

In-person casinos and online gaming platforms are using AI in unique ways to improve the gaming experience. In addition to helping players have fun (and, thus, spend more money at a slot machine or table), casinos and online gaming platforms use AI to keep players’ information secure and even identify signs of gambling addiction.

How AI Can Enhance the Casino Experience for Players?

There are several use cases for AI in casinos, both in-person and online. Here are some of the most prevalent ways casino software developers are using AI today.

Keep players engaged
The first rule of any casino or casino-like platform is to find ways to keep players engaged, so they spend more time and money playing. In-person casinos want to encourage their guests to spend time at different machines and tables so they’ll spend more money. That’s why there aren’t clocks or windows in casinos. You can easily spend an entire day there, eating and drinking as you play without realizing it.
The experience is not the same when you move to an online platform. Because online gaming sites rely heavily on ad revenue, they don’t necessarily need to encourage players to spend money. Instead, they need to find ways to keep players engaged long enough to generate ad revenue.
In gaming software, AI can achieve this by analyzing a player’s behaviors to gauge their interest. Once AI understands what a player likes, it can recommend games that the player might want to try. Instead of playing random games online, the player will be explicitly directed to games they have a high probability of enjoying and spending their time and money on.

Protect players
Both in-person and online gaming software collects data from players. In-person casinos use cards to collect data about gamers. They can use the data collected to make decisions about the future of the casino by analyzing trends in which games get played the most and by who. They can also use the data to determine where to place specific machines or tables to maximize profits.
Online casinos and casino software use personal data in similar ways. By understanding how players are using their online games and analyzing player behavior, they can make informed decisions about what types of games to make next and how to market them. This includes identifying signs of gambling addiction. Some online casinos will shut down a player’s account and guide that player to helpful resources if it recognizes patterns of addictive behavior.

Prevent fraud
Every casino, whether online or in-person, runs the risk of fraud. Machine learning can detect fraudulent activities immediately by noticing when something does not match the predictive pattern. This protects the casino as well as individual users.

Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular, especially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. By incorporating AI into their software, online casinos can enhance the experience for their players while protecting them from fraud and addictive behaviors. This is one area where we can expect to see a significant impact from AI as more companies recognize its benefits.

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