Valet - Windows 10, Acrylic DNS, Host Problem

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Hi everyone,
I installed Valet on Windows 10 following this guide:

However I can't seem to get my top level domain for Valet to be found. I have tried changing Valet's TLD to .app, .valet, .test, .dev as TLD's but none of them work. I ping foo.valet and it responds with not found. Have set up using Acrylic DNS on Windows 10, flushed the DNS on Chrome, flushed the DNS on Windows, restarted the machine, restarted the network adapter, but to no avail. Valet, PHP, Composer, are all running. It's just when I try to load in Chrome, I get "ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED" and ping results in "ping request could not find host".
Any help is greatly appreciated.


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