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Do you love the right person?

kingtomi profile image Ayodabo Oluwatomisin ・1 min read

No one has found a definite and rigid meaning for love. To some, it's dead, to some, it's life itself. At one point or the other in our life, we've loved, we've been loved, but are those people the right people we were supposed to love or are we deserving of others' love? People make costly mistakes because they love the wrong person, they showered attention on who they are not supposed to. "you don't love with your heart alone, you love with your eyes wide open". Many have fallen victims to loving the wrong people with the notion of love is blind, but we don't have to be wictims, because we need to open our eyes and love who deserves our love and leave those that doesn't out of it. love your neighbor as you love yourself means you should love your neighbors because they deserve your love just like you deserve your love. We can't all be good in this world, but we can live happily if we decide to follow not just our eyes or our heart alone, but if we listen to what they tell us and make life changing decisions from them. Someone who has lived for over 20 years with his/her partner doesn't have a secret love potion or magic trick on his/her sleeves, but because he was able to find the right love and the right person.
"True love is not found, it is developed, and you develop it from loving the right person".

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