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kip • Edited

Hi everyone, I'm Kip, I don't like to comment very much because I dont have the good knowledge and experience to do that the most of the time and my english is bad too, but I'm trying actually. I'm feel better reading the amazings entries that exist here, the save button is my best friend ! Thanks everyone for share their experience, tips, advices, knowledge, guides with all, is all that I can say with total confidence. BTW I love 'Friends' TV show, I had to say.

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Ben Halpern

Thanks for being a great part of the community Kip!

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Derek Underwood

Friends is one of my top 5. Lovvvveee it

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Ruzanna Boryan

I finished watching FRIENDS a couple days ago :D the Best TV show))

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Hi Kip - Friends is by far one of my all time favorites! :)

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I had to reply to u just because u said u love FRIENDS tv show, I am a die hard fan myself :)

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Ger Breen

Hi kip
Good to know about the save feature, will look into site now.
Also I had a friends T-shirt from the studio in NYC when I was in school and it was one of the coolest with the new York skyline, have not thought of that trip in years. Thanks kip 😁😁

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Mayur Patil

Hahha.. F.R.I.E.N.D.S πŸ˜ƒ

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its a great TV show one of the best