Fun games to play in tech meetups or hackathons

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Every Wednesday, I usually hold tech meetings/meetups on our campus where we code and hack a few things here and there. This has started to feel monotonous and I was thinking of introducing something fun and unique. So, what kind of games can you think of or know that can be played in these kind of situations? It could be of any kind, improv e.t.c. Bonus points if the game is techy(teaches something about tech or has tech concepts in it) or geeky. Other known games can be modified to fit this scenario.

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when it comes to fun, my team and I usually use like, anything from "minute to win it" game show, and guessing games like "guess that movie challenge" from youtube

btw, at you can make your own question, so you can make it, maybe, related to that meetings/meetups


Here, we like to sometimes do a "Clash of code" on CodinGame.
You have to resolve small coding problem using your preferred language. There's plenty of different problems and different tasks (quickest, shortest, reverse [guess instructions from examples]) to tackle.

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