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Chandra Kiran G
Chandra Kiran G

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Manjaro ... You'll definitely love πŸ’™ it !

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Where It All Started...

I've been hoping over all linux distros during this lockdown (Don't exactly know why..πŸ€” May be because I got bored πŸ˜‰). Initially, I paused at Linux Mint which I thought was perfect for me.. And I used Mint for quite a long time as compared to other distros.. And then I came to know about Manjaro (a variant of Arch Linux).. I already used it before but I didn't get used to it completely as I don't know anything about pamac or pacman (Package Managers for Arch). So, I thought it isn't my business. But as the time went on (Not really 😜.. In a matter of two days) I came to know about these awesome package managers pacman and pamac. I thought to give it a go so, I installed Manajaro on my laptop for the second time.. But this time I know what to do .. I love Java, so this is what I want to download. My experience with apt-get (Package Manager for Linux Mint) isn't that great as it required to download JDK from official Oracle site. But with these Package Managers.. It's just a single line install(Seriously, Only one line).

Sooo, What do this mean πŸ™„?

Honestly, It really is one line install.. But at first I searched the repositories for JDK with the command pamac search jdk and the result is nearly 50 lines πŸ˜… I don't want all these. So I scrolled to the bottom of all the results.. And there I found jdk, the latest version..
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And what next? I installed this pamac install jdk command.. That's it! I installed jdk with literally one line.. I thought this is soo comfortable and want to find out what else can I do with this pamac. So, I searched a few more like dart sdk, flutter etc. If you go and check out flutter sdk official docs there would be a whole section on How to install?. But, with this pamac I installed the same with just one line: pamac install flutter (Of course I searched it first with pamac search flutter). Till now, I have been talking about only pamac but the other one, pacman is also the same as pamac. I just got used to pamac more than pacman.
So, the steps are:

pamac search <package name>

Now, scroll down to the bottom this is where the most relavent result to your search shows up. Rememeber the name of the package (Most of the times this would slightly differ from your package name).
Then install it using:

pamac install package-name

What I want to say is..

These package managers are so valuable as far as I consider how daunting it is to install some applications especially for beginners like me. I can't keep quite about easy installations has been with these package managers.. And if you want to try these, Arch Linux is not only the way (Not for beginners like me). So, the next alternative is Manajro. This distro has been consistently competing with other Linux distros since it's first release. It's definitely something that you should try!

ps: I know that I have talking mostly about package managers in contrast to the title. My apologies as I couldn't find a better titleπŸ™‚. Hope you're all safe. Thank you.

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mike239x profile image
Mike Lezhnin • Edited

Honestly it might be better to go for Arch + some standard desktop environment.
I used both Manjaro and Arch for a while, the worst part for a newcomer is trying to make big system updates:

  1. You can quickly run into dependency hell with half of your programs still using some old version of some common library, while the other half updated to a new one. Sometimes pacman detects that and just doesn't let you update...
  2. I only saw it with Manjaro; a major system update may update kernel headers or something, but not update your kernel (cuz manjaro has a somewhat custom kernel) which when leads to you being stuck in the bootloader cuz it can't find your kernel.

I crush my system when trying to update things almost every time 🀦

Another thing which is only there for Arch - trying to connect to wifi; and other network related issues, those are fun to solve for sure :) Manjaro does better in that regard.

koreymoffett profile image
Korey Moffett

I used Manjaro for awhile and it’s really good, I jump around a lot too between distros I know it’s pointless because they are all virtually the same.

mustafaanaskh99 profile image
Mustafa Anas

my mentor would push people to abandon windows and mac despite their tech level. and for those who only use a mouse and office, hed always suggest Manjaro

kiran4444 profile image
Chandra Kiran G

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Yeah..

maulik profile image

The best thing about manjaro is it's actually lightweight

mustafaanaskh99 profile image
Mustafa Anas

I can relate <3
It is so easy in Linux to mess up ur whole operating system by wrongly using the command line to manage the packages.
I loved my time with Manjaro and I will definitely be back for it

thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt

I love this OS ❀️

cadams profile image
Chad Adams

I don’t use it because I like to use the same environment as my servers. I don’t want to use pacman for my desktop and apt for my servers. I’d rather use apt for both.

anja profile image

Manjaro is great! I have it as a dual boot with arch 😊