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Intro - Building Projects to impress 🀯🀯 Employers or Hiring Managers [VoteSub]

Hey everyone, My name is Kiran A. Bansode. I'm a self-taught Full-Stack web developer.

As judging from this post's title, you can say that I'm building this web application to impress or to showcase my skills as a Full-Stack web developer to future Employers or Hiring Managers. From this project I think that those peoples can evaluate my abilities and would offer me a
job(fingers cross 🀞🏻🀞🏻) or atleast give me a chance for interview.

Okay. Mr. Kiran.

So, What is your Project ?


A place where students or any other users can vote their favourite school subjects so they will stay on top of famous subjects ranking list.

What are the features of this project ?

  • A new user will be able to sign in using the Registration page.
  • Existing users will be able to log in using the Login page.
  • Dashboard page will show current status or rank of user’s favourite subject and remaining votes that user has
  • Subject information page will show that subject’s little bit of information with some high quality and stunning images.
  • A Voting history page will show who voted for that subject
  • A Profile page of voters where visitors can see only basic information.
  • There will be some admin functionality to help manage voters in the Admin page which will be hidden from normal users.
  • Every week the admin will release some votes for users so they can give those votes to their favourite subject.

Above features are going to make a MVP(Minimum viable product), which I want release for my students(Yes! I'm a teacher πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ«) on Monday, 22 November, 2022, when schools are going re-open after Diwali Vacations. So consider this date as my deadline πŸ‘Ή for MVP.

Update 1 : looks like I underestimated project's complexity and blindly posted deadline which is too early. This is going to take some time. So hang in there. No deadline so far yet.

Features that will have in my project after MVP get released

  • Works like native app [ PWA ]
  • Offline data capabilities
  • pdf generation at server
  • users can upload their own profile pictures
  • more controls for admin

…and much more.

What is your tech stack ?

I'm going use following technologies -


  • HTML | CSS | JavaScript
  • React | React Hooks
  • Redux Toolkit | React-Redux
  • Style-components | SASS
  • Material-UI (MUI)
  • React Hook Form | Yup
  • TypeScript

Backend [Firebase πŸ”₯πŸ”₯]

  • Authentication
  • Firestore
  • Storage
  • Cloud Functions
  • Hosting
  • Emulators


  • VSCode πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸŽ€
  • Vite - React
  • Nodejs | Yarn
  • ESLint | Prettier | Husky πŸ“Έ
  • Figma |
  • Trello

...and some other tools

OK. That some pretty impressive tech stack Mr. Kiran. But

What exactly do you want to show to employers or hiring managers, so that they can be impressed ?

Few days ago, I read this blog on In that blog Johannes describes what differs a newbie from a professional developer.

I was very impresssed. So I decided I should try this to impress employers or hiring managers. I'm going to follow what Johannes suggested in his blog. Also I'm going to add my own twists.

Also our tech industry is having pretty rough time for hiring skilled developers. Companies are looking for more than what tradional collages are teaching their students. It is becoming very hard to find right candidate for different roles or who can do most of things.

So, by completing this project I want demonstrate that I have such required skills that needs to have in a developer. Following is a list of the things that I want to show to my future employers or hiring managers

  • Git Branching Strategies
  • Git Issues
  • CI/CD using GitHub Actions or other tools
  • Conventional Commits
  • Trello Tasks management
  • Wireframes using
  • Designs using Figma
  • How I document my codebase ?
  • What is my strategy to convert a design into working code.
  • If I have issues, How I solve them ?

...and many more

Where can you find my project related stuff ?

Wireframes link will only show image(not good quality). I don't know other way to show files

To open wireframes file in your computer do the following steps

  • Click on download button.
  • Go to
  • Click on Device > Open Existing Diagram
  • Choose downloaded file.

When you will able to see my progess on this project ?

This is going to be a weekly blog series. From now on, every Sunday[IST] you will get a new blog related to this project. That blog will contain all projects related info like prior week's plan or design and past week's completed tasks, calendar schedules, screenshots of git commits and issues, and all ups and downs and last but not list, What did I learn new ?

Guys if think this is exciting comment this blog. If you want to suggest or want to add something, comment it. I'll be happy to read your comments.

So, see you on Sunday, till then sit tight.

pssss.... this is my first ever blog on internet, so please go easy on me in comment section for my grammatical errors.

Bye πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ» ...

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