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Kiril Delovski
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How to Pass a JavaScript Interview

     Have you ever had the struggle of being overwhelmed from the plenty amount of resources reachable online and besides that being confused from where to begin when preparing yourself for a javascript interview, well good news, this post changes all of that, and that's why you should continue reading...


    I am a frontend developer with more than 10 years of experience. During my professional experience, I have had been to more than 50 frontend interviews so far. By having these interviews the interviewers their main focus had on questions related to javascript.

     After each interview, I have been noting down these questions with provided answers and kept them for myself until this moment.
This document (knowledge library) which I have of javascript questions and answers helped me a lot for my further interviews as preparation material.

    This knowledge and written material gave me an idea, why don't I help the developer community providing this material too.

    Considering this, that was the main reason why I have created this booklet "JAVASCRIPT INTERVIEW CHEAT SHEET MANUAL" which is a .pdf document and you can get it by downloading it from here.

booklet cover

    By having this material it will shorten your time for search and learn, considering that it's containing the specific asked criteria at the javascript technical interviews.

    You might have noticed that this is a First Edition of this booklet, meaning that based on your feedback (which you will provide) from getting this material and filling out the survey located on the last page of this manual or by joining the discord channel, I will be able to make a summary and get an additional input which will be a perfect reason and motivation for preparing and publishing the Second Edition as an extended version of this booklet.


    This manual will be sufficient to help you learn and prepare yourself for an upcoming frontend / javascript interview you might encounter.

For any questions or information about me you can reach out by scanning or clicking on the following qr code:

scan qr code to find more about me

You can request a discount version of this "booklet" by completing this survey 🙂

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Test your javascript knowledge with this quick quiz

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Test your javascript knowledge and know if you are ready for a javascript interview by accessing this quick quiz