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Karen Dickenson

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Tackling Advent of Code 2020

A challenge worth taking on

I have been working with HTML, CSS, WordPress, and Drupal for 15 years. Creating javascript functions from scratch is a skill I have yet to master. I know all the programming basics, but still, I struggle with "stringing it all together".

My progress

Advent of Code 2020 is giving me an opportunity to strengthen my algorithm solving skills. It offers up two katas a day from December 1 through December 25. The first week of Advent of Code is coming to a close and I have been able to solve 4 out of 6 challenges (skipped day 3 and am yet to tackled day 6).

Refactor? Maybe later.

My solutions are clumped into single functions and are not elegant. I'm sure it would be prudent to break them down into smaller, single-focused functions. When I get more efficient (time-wise), I'll give that a go but in the meantime, as long as I get the correct answer, I celebrate!

Should you give it a try?

Why not? If you have the time to spare or need algorithm practice, Advent of Code is a great way to go.

If you are motivated by competition, there is a leaderboard. The ranking is determined how quickly you solve the day's puzzle correctly as soon as the puzzle has been released. Give it a try.

I don't expect to see my own name on the leaderboard. I'm doing this for skill-building. I will enjoy my leisurely pace and relish my small wins, one algorithm at a time.

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