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Jimmy Klein
Jimmy Klein

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Have you a account ? What do you think of it ? is a new email service created by Basecamp.

It’s a redo, a rethink, a simplified, potent reintroduction of email. A fresh start, the way it should be.

HEY is our love letter to email, and we’re sending it to you on the Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

What do you think of it ? If you already use it, can you please share your thoughts about it ?

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MxL Devs • Edited on

Seems interesting. I like the consent feature, though I feel like other email providers more or less offer it to an extent. Not sure if the features are enough to move me away from gmail though.

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Jimmy Klein Author

Thanks for your reply !
The consent feature is pretty interesting ! But has a lot of other features : newsletter feed, attachment views, merge emails ...etc.
I don't try it for now so I don't know if all theses features are really helpful. I wait a little to have more feedback.