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Step by step React, NodejS and MySQL Simple Full Stack Application 2018 (part: 2)

in this article I describe about making new database and tables in MySQL database.

  • To make a new database on MySQL workbench press database icon in top navbar.It’s like:
    writing CREATE SCHEMA nameOf_db;
    command on mysql command line
  • Then insert your new database name and press apply button:
  • Now in sidebar find name of your database and right click on it to see create tables option, then click on it:
  • in opened window write table name and name of fields in that table and type of data for each field: Before continue it's useful to know about data type in sql:
  • CHARACTER [(length)] or CHAR [(length)] ---> strings, including Unicode
  • VARCHAR (length) ---> string
  • NVARCHAR (lenght) ---> string with other language string
  • SMALLINT ---> integer value between the range 2^ -15 and 2^15 -1
  • INTEGER or INT ---> integer value between the range 2^ -31 and 2^31 -1
  • DECIMAL ---> Precision defaults to 38, Scale defaults to 0
  • DECIMAL(p) ---> Scale defaults to 0
  • DECIMAL(p, s) ---> Precision and Scale are defined by the user
  • NUMERIC [(p[,s])] ---> same way as the DECIMAL data type
  • REAL ---> approximate numeric values, up to a precision of 64
  • FLOAT(p) ---> approximate numeric values
  • DOUBLE PRECISION ---> approximate numeric values
  • DATE ---> date values YYYY-MM-DD
  • TIME ---> time values HH:MM:SS
  • TIMESTAMP ---> timestamp values YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
  • CLOB [(length)] or CHARACTER LARGE OBJECT [(length)] or CHAR LARGE OBJECT [(length)] ---> character strings longer than those that are allowed in the CHARACTER [(length)] or VARCHAR (length) data types
  • BLOB [(length)] or BINARY LARGE OBJECT [(length)] ---> binary values we can also use MySQL command prompt to add below codes and create this table without workbranch:


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Chan Ho Ahn

Nice work.. Thank you.

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Maryam Keshavarz

Thank you so much