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The best Shopware monitoring solutions

We store owners all know it: quickly make a change to the store before the weekend, install a new plugin or adjust the template. Then we come back to the office on Monday and "Oh crap", we broke a little thing in the store with our change. Stupidly, we couldn't sell any items the whole Saturday and Sunday. Of course, this should not happen, but how to prevent it? The answer is e-commerce or Shopware monitoring.

But how can monitoring, i.e. the continuous monitoring of an online store based on Shopware, best prevent business-critical failures? There are two points that need to be checked over and over again. Number one: Can I still reach the Shopware server and is the application technically functioning? Number two: Am I still selling products?

We have found three solutions that handle both cases and thus enable true e-commerce monitoring. does not only try to provide a full-featured Shopware monitoring service but also offers with its magazine articles about all important news in the field of e-commerce technology and business. With a price of 10 EUR per month for monitoring accessibility, performance, SEO, security, technology and content, it is both the most comprehensive and the cheapest product in the race. Thanks to the Shopware plugin, business metrics can also be included in the monitoring.


  • reasonable price
  • high functionality
  • crawling and monitoring
  • English and German
  • Also monitors business metrics


MND Monitoring Advanced

MND Next from Göppingen also specializes in monitoring Shopware stores. The Pro variant of the service is only available in the beta version but promises a lot of great features on the data sheet. You can see that the agency behind the plugin knows the Shopware universe very well. All these are excellent conditions for setting up perfect monitoring. Unfortunately, we have to raise the price one point, because it is not affordable for everyone with about 100 EUR per month. However, it is certainly not expensive, as it offers a lot of features.


  • continuous monitoring
  • Shopware-specific features, such as cronjob monitoring
  • Checks empty product feeds


  • Price pro version approx. 100 EUR per month
  • Information in German only

Shop Doctor - Shopware Monitoring

The Shop Doctors from Müllheim also offer continuous monitoring of - and Oxid stores. The difference here is that they tie it strongly to their agency service. This can have a lot of advantages because, in case of problems, a standardized solution path is immediately provided to one by the professionals from Lenz E-Business. Of course, this is always associated with costs. In terms of price, the service is in the midfield, starting at 10 EUR per month, the professional variant, which is strongly recommended by us, costs 50 EUR. In terms of the scope of monitoring, the monitoring is the taillight, but as an overall package, it still makes sense to take a closer look at the service.


  • Automated monitoring
  • Agency service can be booked directly


  • High price for the scope
  • Groove few features

Test winner

For us, the clear winner of this Shopware monitoring test is Both in scope and price, it beats the two competitors. If you also need a suitable agency in the background, you should also take a look at the two other monitoring tools.


To be fair, we have to say that we ourselves are the makers of the test winner. However, it was still important for us to analyze as impartially as possible.

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