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How to solve Netfliy 'command not found' problem

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Sometimes you get stuck on something which is supposedly really simple, but you can't figure out how to proceed.
I had to deploy a static site to Netlify. I opened an account and went ahead and installed the Netlify command line tool on my macbook. Thing is, while the terminal prompted me with an installation successful output, I couldn't run any Netlify commands. No matter what I tried I got a command not found.
Fortunately, it is easy to solve.
Good chances are that the problem is actually that you need to update your $PATH env to make Netlify and other packages accessible to you everywhere.
Here is how you solve it:

  1. (You probably already did this if you are here), install Netlify cli:

    npm install netlify-cli -g

    Now, pay close attention to the prompt you are receiving on your terminal. It will show the installation directory which you need to copy, and will look something like this:

    /Users/username/.npm-global/bin/ntl -> /Users/kobyofek/.npm-global/lib/node_modules/netlify-cli/bin/run
    /Users/username/.npm-global/bin/netlify -> /Users/kobyofek/.npm-global/lib/node_modules/netlify-cli/bin/run

    Specifically, you need to copy this part:


  2. Now, we need to add that to our .bash_profile.
    How do we do that? Easy, fire up your vim editor and insert the following lines:

    export PATH=/Users/username/.npm-global/bin/:$PATH

    If you need to freshen up a bit on your vim skills, don't forget to use i to insert some text where your cursor is positioned and :x to save and quit.

  3. run the following:

    source ~/.bash_profile

    You should now be good to go and Netlify should be available for you in your terminal.

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