What's your favorite programming/hacking movie/show?

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I was actually thinking about making a post about best hacking/programming movie, and then I saw Ben post lol.

For me, I have to say Die Hard 4, and Mr. Robot for tv show.

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Tv show: Halt and Catch Fire

  • whereas most shows present computing as glossy tech wizardry, techno thriller, or plain comical. This show shows you the human and realistic side of computing. The sacrifices people made and how computing changed their lives. Especially, how overcoming failure is what drives our industry. Criminally underrated and looked over. A must watch.

I cannot stop watching this show. Almost done with season 2. Thanks for the tip!


Yes never heard of it. Sounds very interesting, will check it out!

My favorite is Silicon valley, too!


Oh wow never heard of it. Got some good ratings and good actors too.

Will most definitely watch!


Die Hard 4? Really?!

One of the best hacking movies is Sneakers. The acts of hardware, software, and meat-space hacking which they perform in that movie are quite spot on. Sure, the little black box to rule them all is serious fiction.

One of the best programmer-work movies is Office Space. It's the kind of office life which still exists today.

I don't think there has been a good programming movie.

One of the best programming series is Silicon Valley, by far. Just like Office Space it's by Mike Judge, who is quite capable in presenting the kind of stuff that actually goes on.

I explicitly exclude movies/series which are based on reality. Like the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley. It is apparently a good adaptation of the stories of Microsoft and Apple, and worth a watch. But it's more of a dramatized documentary than fiction. Or The Imitation Game, which is a good programming movie based on real events. Although they do quite fast forward through the tedious looking problem solving parts.


Hey I didn't say most realistic movie, I don't know why Die Hard 4 was very entertaining for me. I'll have to check out Sneakers.

For me Imitation game is ruined having read some historical events of how the Enigma code was broken. I very much dislike they didn't even mention the Polish since they were the ones that started the project of Bomba. Movie made it look like he single handed built and broke the code.


I kinda enjoyed "The Net" with Sandra Bullock when I was a kid. And of course - "Hackers". Both movies are from 1995.

For more recent ones - Silicon Valley is very funny and VERY accurate.


I am trying to remember the Net can't recall if I watched it lol. I have only seen clips of Silicon Valley it does look very funny.


The Matrix is the best hacking/programming movie for me :)


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