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After listening to episode 283 of The Changelog Podcast, I decided, that I want to use the awesome cheat sheet repository at Devhints on the commandline.

This is what I came up with: if you want to read the cheat sheet for React, download the Gist below, save it as hint and just type:

$ hint react

and, voila, the sheet appears.

This is what the tool looks in your terminal

The shell script needs both wget and mdless, which you can install using your favorite package manager. The sheets are fetched from Devhints.IO's Github repository.

Sheet files are cached in $HOME/.hack and can be refreshed using the --refresh command line argument.

If you like the idea of cheat sheets in your terminal, you might also want to checkout TLDR, which explains tools using examples - basically it just reverses the classic man pages ;)


Let me know if you have a better way or some idea for improving this tiny snippet:

This is a cross post of http://koenighotze.de/hack/devhints.html

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Is there a way to list all the cheat sheets, that are available ?


Looking at the repo, you could fetch the page and iterate through all the .md files.


...actually this is a cool idea. You type 'hack got' and get "did you mean hack git"


this is an interesting idea. I modified the script a bit, just for fun: gist.github.com/hpcsc/bebea8b364a5...

What the modified script does:

  • use fzf to interactively select file
  • can be used to search for markdown file in any github repo, not only restricted to devhints.io. devhints.io is still the default github repo to search if no argument is provided
  • store caches files according to github owner/repo structure

Hi man, you might want to check the script, you missed a $ in lines 14 and 15, $CACHE_DIR.