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Node.js API Starter Kit

koistya profile image Konstantin Tarkus Updated on ・1 min read — complete starter kit for building Node.js apps optimized for serverless deployment (Google Cloud Functions, Cloud SQL).

  • PostgreSQL database tools (migrations, seeds, backup/restore, REPL shell)

  • Stateless authentication via 3rd party providers (Google, Facebook, GitHub)

  • Starting database schema with "user" and "identity" (credentials) db tables

  • Email templates for transactional emails using Handlebars, Juice CSS inliner, instant preview

  • Pre-configured "local", "dev", "test" (QA), and "prod" environments (env variables)

  • Pre-configured with Babel, TypeScript, and Rollup (bundling); hot-reload in dev mode

  • Deployment scripts for Google Cloud Functions

  • No API-specific code (other than OAuth 2.0 endpoints); feel free to use it with any API library!

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