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nodejs authentication written in TypeScript

Please advise, which library can be used for nodejs authentication written in TypeScript? One of the most popular libraries I know is PassportJS. But it is written for Express-like application. I would like such a library to use the modern capabilities of ES2015+, such as Promise, async/await... and ideally if it is used TypeScript for its source code.

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Gentrit Abazi
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Костя Третяк • Edited

Oh, man. I have more cool examples :D

An Animated Guide to Node.js Event Loop

Node.js doesn’t stop from running other operations because of Libuv, a C++ library responsible for the event loop and asynchronously handling tasks such as network requests, DNS resolution, file system operations, data encryption, etc.

What happens under the hood when Node.js works on tasks such as database queries? We will explore it by following this piece of code step by step.