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Kradnoel Flutter Mobile Serie


Some months ago (February, 2020 to be specific) I initiated a project on flutter, a Business Card Management for Android (iOS in future) using things like state management, internationalization (i18n), local database, peer-to-peer network to send data. And the serie will show you how to implement some of the things that a learnt while working on the project.


I’ve been programming for more than 4 years, from web frontend to backend and mobile (Android) . And in that time I learnt a lot from the Community that I decided is time to give back (at least a little bit :] )
And the other reason to do the serie is that I want to improve my English skills as a non-native English speaker and writer.

Some moths ago (February, 2020 to be specific) I initiated a project on Flutter, a Business Card Managment for Android (iOS in future), which was in My Dev Ideas Notebook (a Real notebook made with Paper) and I decided to give a try. It's realy awesome using stuff like state managment, internacionalization (i18n), local database, peer-to-peer network to send data with help of bluetooth or wifi hotspot.

In the eventuality that the project take much time that I would like to, I decided to give to the community some part of the code that may help using some of the techniques I used in the project.

So I hope you enjoy as much I'm writing this articles.

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