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Beginner, Great! What I got from KubeCon [Virtual]

krak7602 profile image Rahul Krishna K A ・1 min read

Being a beginner is a one time opportunity. Ask doubts, attend sessions. For a beginner more than the talks (of course the talks are awesome) the community is what's important. Engage with the community, be open to people. Meeting so many great people at once can be a bit hard (especially for an introvert like me) but understand that they are ready to help you more than you think. But you need to take the initiative and ask.
Getting started with Cloud Native projects and contributing are easier than one might think. Here are some resources to get you started.
Between the 101s (for beginners or someone wanting to start out something new), maintainer tracks (everyone can get something out of it), hallway track for meeting amazing people and all, picking one or two to highlight can be difficult. The content is open for everyone and will be released after a few days at CNCF's YouTube channel. Also checkout for some amazing content.

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