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Kinx v1.0.3 Relaeased.

Hello everyone!

I published Kinx v1.0.3 as an official release. See Release Page for details or I put the history since v1.0.0 at the bottom of this article.

Any comments are welcome.
And also I'll wait for a star on Github!

See you!

Change Log

Here is a change log since v1.0.0.

V1.0.3 (Officially Released) - 2021/08/10

  • Improvements
    • #308: Improvement of the stack usage.
    • Some feedbacks from V1.1.0.
      • Supported putting a comma at the end of an argument's list for both declaration and calling.
  • Bug Fixed
    • #302: Fixed a prblem of the string optimization.
    • #305: Fixed a prblem of no POPC in try.

V1.0.2 (Officially Released) - 2021/05/21

  • Bug Fixed
    • #284: Fixed a segmentation fault problem on Linux.
    • #288: Incorrect message is displayed when failed.
    • #289: File.setFiledate does not work correctly.
    • #293: Fixed a problem of a stack overflow with =~ or !~.

V1.0.1 (Officially Released) - 2021/04/22

  • Improvements
    • Improved type analysis for the language server.
    • Improved Array.keySet() for Array itself.
    • #264: Supported to change directory.
    • #265: Supported $pwd for getting a current directory.
  • Bug Fixed
    • #235: Crash when using _ outside a function.
    • #236: Can't specify the class as a return type of function.
    • #237: Comparing between variables having a string is failed.
    • #256: Comparison operator will be failed with an integer on LHS and a variable(double) on RHS.
    • #257: Fails a destructuring assignment when declaration with const.
    • #258: There is a case that the bytecode is not outputted.
    • #267: Can't use a variable name using an upper case in debugger.
    • #269: Object item is removed by flatten().

V1.0.0 (Official Release) - 2021/03/16

This is 1st official release version.

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