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`Kinx` as a script language.

The number of posted articles about Kinx is now being increased, so I put the Contents at the bottom of this post.

About a half year ago, I was thinking why a major scripting language is not similar with C style syntax, although almost all programmers are familiar with C, I guess. Of course, I know there are so many different opinions about what is a major script language, or what is a C like syntax, and so on.

To be simple, I thought a major script language was Python or Ruby. But Python is so far from C syntax. Ruby is also. (I like Ruby, though)

On the other hand I like JavaScript, and it is near a C syntax. But node.js is too heavy and it is not suited with lightweight use cases.

I didn't find anything that I wanted. Maybe you know what I want, but I couldn't find it then.

Anyway, I mean I wanted a lightweight scripting language with C style syntax.

My Action

That is why I created what I want.

This POST means ...

If there is someone thinking about the same as what I have thought, this might be just a little helpful for the person. If you were that person, please push the star on GitHub. It will be a motivation for me to continue the project.

A Little Introduction

About the Kinx, I will show a bit the features written in If you want to know the details, please see the, QuickReference, or Kinx Specification.

Especially about Kinx Specification, I would like to make the document complete, but it is still in progress and there are so many incomplete documents.

The following features are from


  • Extendable. Contributors are able to extend features easily for your own use.
  • Lightweight. You can start using this without a lot of work.
  • Small. Using C instead of C++. I love C++ but runtime is big in some cases.
  • Object-Oriented. Of course you can do the object-oriented programming.
  • C style syntax... no it is JavaScript style syntax rather than C, but it is also good.
  • Dynamic typing, but you can also specify the type.
  • Native function by JIT compiling supported with some limitations. Very fast.
  • Support JIT Library as an abstracted assembler library. You can use JIT directly in your program.
  • Classes and inheritance, Higher order functions, Lexical scoping, Closures, Fiber, Garbage Collection, and so on.
  • Isolate object to control native threads without Global Interpreter Lock.
  • Including libraries of Zip, Xml, libCurl(HTTP), SQLite3, Regular Expression, Parser Combinator, etc.
  • REPL is provided by default.
  • Useful Testing System named as SpecTest. It is designed to not only for Kinx but also for any other products.


Thank you very much for reading this post.

If you have some even a little interest in Kinx, please push the star, and I will get a motivation. Thank you.

Lastly, please report it if you find some bugs...


Here are articles about Kinx that I posted.

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