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What kind of typesetting system do you want?

Hello everybody!

This time, a typesetting system is a main topic. Are you using TeX, or LaTeX? It is very famous and good solution.

And also this article is related to our Kinx.


Please look at this pdf file.

This was generated by Kinx Typesetting library. This library is not completed yet, and it is still on a very very
early stage. But I have felt I would like to introduce this small system's output.

LaTeX is never used for this output! I never even installed it, but I did use KaTeX though.

The LaTeX system is quite huge, so I don't think it is easy for your personal use even if it is a great system.

I will try to improve the Kinx library for a small usecase and a personal use. Especially for the people who feel LaTeX is too huge to use it easily.


This is just introducing the system.
This system is still on a baby stage, but if you have some interest in the system, please push a star of the project.

See you!

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