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Atlassian Data Center without Clustering

Written by Nick Dammasch
Originally published on March 2nd 2021

The transition from server to data center is now easier, as Atlassian announced at Remote Summit 2020 that the data center can now operate in a non-cluster environment.

Clustering is only an optional Feature

Up to now, Atlassian Data Center required a clustered environment, but since mid 2020 this is only an optional feature and not a fixed requirement for a license upgrade. If you can do without a clustered architecture and other infrastructure components because you do not need a highly available infrastructure, you can still benefit from the data center features. Many of the features that Data Center offers do not require clustering. These include, for example, SAML Single Sign-On (SSO), self-protection through data throughput limitation and CDN support.

Advantages of the Enterprise features

Many functions offered by Data Center do not require clustering. These include, for example, SAML Single Sign-On (SSO), the self-protection function by limiting data throughput and support for CDN. The switch to Data Center allows you to archive projects and issues. The "Archive" function allows you to remove tasks or projects from Jira and preserve the data it contains in case you need it later. This feature is available for Data Center only.Data Center offers in total more stable performance in terms of scaling, enhanced reliability, modern user management, various security and compliance controls and much more. All functions are available via the admin console and can be used directly for them.

Simple changeover from Server to DC

You can quickly and easily move to Data Center with only a new license key and upgrade is done within minutes. So you can run Data Center with exactly the same architecture you use for your traditional server system.

Differences between DC and Cloud

Data Center: DC stands for high availability, scalability and reliability. All applications are installed on several servers. Data Center is the right choice for you if your Atlassian processes are decisive in your business. This means you should ask yourself how important high availability is for you and determine how many teams are affected if a system failure occurs at your site. Maximum performance with high-availability systems is guaranteed with Data Center through load balancing and optional extensions of servers connected in parallel. Data Center is also the right solution if your company has an increased need for compliance and security. With Data Center you have a maximum of control, because you can integrate all applications in your own environment and manage all security measures independently.

Cloud: Cloud products are hosted directly at Atlassian for immediate availability. Atlassian Cloud is the right solution for you if your company wants to provide all teams with constant access to the latest version and keep administrative overheads to a minimum. Atlassian takes care of system operation, updates and hosting, leaving you free to concentrate on using the applications without downtime. All in all, you benefit from permanent availability and an always up-to-date system.

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