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Hacktoberfest2020 🎉✨wrapup and few key🔑 points🎯 to note

Hello all👋

Article contents

  • My hacktoberfest journey
  • Important🌌 key points everyone(including future me) should note for the upcoming years for hacktoberfest also and for injournel contributions

1.My hacktoberfest journey
So as I am busy with college work and some issues but I am having thought about this month is so-called hacktober=october month firstly this time hacktoberfest is only opted for maintainers for that in the second week of hacktober I started looking for repositories those are participating in hacktoberfest and repositories those are active by opensource contributors daily examples are reactjs/vuejs/GitHub/freecodecamp.not the repositories of our friends so for one pull request I also did one so-called spammy pull request(i still regret about that pull 😣) after 2 days that PR is labeled invalid then I looked for other repositories preferred by my stack languages Ex:-Javascript/reactjs so then I made valuable contributions in other projects then my pull requests merged successfully I am sharing one PR link below in that pull request I contributed to official Github/Docs😍😁✨🎉

added Git Handbook link to further reading section #587

added Git Handbook link to further reading section

Why: In the further reading section I added one resource that covers every command of GitHub and git with a description that best fit there and that can help to the whole GitHub beginners community.

What's being changed: content/github/using-git/


Check off the following:

For checking my more opensource projects contributions you can check my Github profile activity overview/you can also check my projects also

Hi there 👋

  • I think we should choose humanity over the nations. support & Donate for Ukrain
  • 🔭 I’m currently working on ... JavaScript and React
  • 🌱 I’m currently learning ... JavaScript and SQL
  • 👯 I’m looking to collaborate on ... JavaScript and React
  • 💬 Ask me about ... Web-development and machine learning
  • 😄 Pronouns: ... He/him

Alt Text
  • Important🌌 key points everyone(including future me) should note for the upcoming years for hacktoberfest also and for journal contributions

  • Read the contributions guide properly then make Pull requests don't make spammy contributions like an added new word or remove spaces and other stuff from that we can complete the challenge but that is not valuable changes do changes from that you can learn new things and those changes add values to your knowledge so this the important everyone should remember.

  • Signup for CLA ( Contributor License Agreement assistant (CLA assistant) ) after making the changes to the opensource projects

  • If you're learning something from those contributions that will be 100% worth it and if you know some good resource you can add to any opensource project docs from that you are helping the world to make a better place and from that, you're helping the new developer folks👏👏.
    if I miss some tips then comment and never forget to read the contributions guidelines of any opensource project.
    Those who don't know how to make pull requests or journal github ecosystem for understanding that deeply check my other article here 👉Github labs all courses and other resources covered there

  • final thoughts
    Do changes that are valuable to the project and folks who are going to use/read that.

Please drop your journey below and comment on how you feeling after completing the challenge in terms of GIF's
here is mine
16 PR I made and 5 are accepted(merged) 👏👏🎉🎉

Fact about this article :-I wrote this article from college internet and if your reading this also then have great days ahead all the best.👋❤🌌🌠

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Waylon Walker

Wow 16 PRs in one month? That is crazy! Congrats on finding meaningful ways that you can give back to open source as a college student.

Was there anything you learned specifically from the 11 that haven't been accepted?

krishnakakade profile image
krishna kakade • Edited

Thank you waylon another 11 PRs are fir the one open source project known as twindle that project is not participating in hacktoberfest. ❤😊thank you for inspiring and for good words