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Final Submission SpaceTravel is released 🚀🛸

What We built

We built a SpaceTravel web application in reactjs and also using its other libraries and other NPM packages this application is divided into 4 different components are following

  • First component:- In the first component there is one 3D earth that is built with help of three.js and a library called ReactGlobe in react and also there is one navbar those links are linked to them all components.
  • Second Component:- In we used NASA APOD API that APOD(Astronomy Picture of the day)API content is regularly updating on our website also that content is dynamic on that text we performed Text-to-speech with help of react-speech-kit library and also cool designs are there and also there is one button called search that is linked to another component and also now there is random APOD picture feature is there click on it to view those pictures.
  • Third Component:-Third component is search.js in this component there is one search button for that we used unsplash-js API and also after clicking on search images will be load there and you can preview those images also you can download those images and other cool stuff is given there.
  • Fourth/Fifth/sixth Component:- Fourth component is footer.js includes article links and authors of the project and other components are navlinks.js and notfound.js this all the components of this project.

Category Submission:

  • Random Roulette

App Link(Live Demo)

Live demo link🔥


  • Zoomed out because of taking whole that's some things are not visible Alt Text Alt Text Alt Text

For more details Youtube video⤵️(Note:- But now we updated new features for that check live demo)

Link to Source Code

GitHub logo krishnadevz / SpaceTravel

SpaceTravel app in reactjs and with help of 3D libraries like 3JS and in second part used NASA open API for getting contents and also text-to-speech and many more things (unsplash api and stuff and download preview many more RANDOM APOD stuff )check the live demo and readme of the project.🌠


Key Features and basic Description of project

  • First Component of this project and is 3d earth and also it is built with help of reactjs and threejs liraries and also there is one footer component below and for routing pages we used react-router library

  • Second Component is fully dynamic means that content is regualry updated for that we NASA APOD(Astronomy picture of the day) API and also there one text-to-speech button is there that uses react-speech-kit library please don't overuse the api and don't click again again on that text to speech icon and now also there is new random APOD images feature and many more check the articles for that and live demo links .

  • 3rd component takes input from users and shows images(those images coming from unsplash api) according user search and also we can download those high resolution images and preview of those…

Permissive License


Since a childhood i love the space that's why i thought we can do project on that and also this idea is unique and also we added new features too that makes SpaceTravel creative and unique .

How I built it

I learn so many things and also solved many issues also and also hally did a great job.
if you want to know what whole Journey of our hackathon then check series of all articles from Day1 that links will be shown at the start of this article i am working on this project since last week of 2020 i love the journey and wonderful experience.


  • Krishna
  • Hally

Team Members


Additional Resources/Info

  • All details are covered in the series of previous articles and in github repo dependancies section Deploy to DigitalOcean Thank you for reading and have good day all 😊 We did it 🌠

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spiritupbro profile image

lets go to the moonnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

krishnakakade profile image
krishna kakade

Yes but David Bowie is saying is there life on Mars 😊

seema1711 profile image
Seema Saharan

I liked the project. One thing that you can change is that, when I type something in the Search menu, it's in white color, so I can't see what I've typed. Otherwise, the Home page looks awesome.

krishnakakade profile image
krishna kakade


priyalhedau15 profile image
priyal Hedau

Amazing project Krishna 🙌 that's so true while building project , we learn hell of a lott 💯✌️

krishnakakade profile image
krishna kakade

Thank you so much priyal 😊❤

realtoughcandy profile image

Awesome project, Krishna! Thanks for sharing the live demo, it was impressive.

krishnakakade profile image
krishna kakade

thank you i am glad you like it have a nice day.😊🚀