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Setup DNS for a Cloudflare-owned domain with a Vercel-hosted project 🌐

  1. (Supposing you already bought a domain in Cloudflare)
  2. (Supposing you already created a project in Vercel)
  3. In Vercel, go to the project's Domains settings, e.g.<USERNAME>/<PROJECT>/settings/domains
  4. Then add a your domain for the project in Vercel.
  5. Now you should see warnings in Vercel project's domains page, complaining about the incorrect DNS configuration. Please follow the instructions saying what DNS records you should add in Cloudflare
  6. So on Cloudflare, let's update the DNS settings for your domain: In your domain's page, go to Overview -> Domain registration -> Manage domain
  7. Then in the opened list of domains, click Manage
  8. Then In the domain's details page, click a link Update DNS configuration (in the Quick actions section).
  9. Then in the section DNS management for <your domain here> click a button Add record
  10. With the above method, now add the record(s) recommended by the Vercel's warnings. Note: when adding DNS records in Cloudflare, you might want to uncheck the option Proxy status, to change the value from the default one Proxied to DNS only.
  11. Wait up to 5 minutes for the DNS changes to apply. Then visit your domain in the browser and enjoy using you Cloudflare's domain with your Vercel's project.

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