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Learning Blockchain Development #day8 as a frontend developer

Hello Everyone, I am Kritik Sah and I am a frontend end developer.
I use HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript to build a frontend website.
Now I am learning react.js & tailwind CSS for frontend development. NEXT.js for full-stack development and Mongodb as our database.

Started My blockchain Developer journey, I am very confused about Where to start and how to progress. I did my research on this but I got myself more confused. That's why I am jumping right Into the dev space for help, support, and collaboration I will be greatful.

As I commited In my previous blog.

We will try to build our first Dapp with next.js and tailwind CSS + Molarir or Infura in our next session

Today I will be writing about that.
I did it, I Did It.

Image description

lets see what I build.
Link: you can check it out. Its live🔴.

I used

  • tailwind css
  • next.js
  • moralis web3
  • Daisy Ui a tailwind Ui library.

About our project: a decentralized freelancer marketplace like fiverr. without a banking system and payment gateway, It will help newcomers to start their crypto journey.

Why I am building this project?
I know bitcoin and crypto from 2017, Just imagine if I had invested $10 ever single month till now how much money I was able to make. but now I got my first job so that's how I started investing in crypto, by the way, for those who don't know, I am Kritik sah, and I am 21 year old "learner".
I am still looking for platforms where I can earn in crypto without investing real money. and I cant find a good one.
I found Ethlance, anytasks, ... and we all know the gas fee on eth network.and anytask is useless.

"That's why I want to build a decentralized Freelance platform on L2 chains on Ethereum blockchain"
Already started an opensource project it is available on GitHub

if you want to connect with me, and build this projects together, join our discord server. Thank you!.

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