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Russ Hammett
Russ Hammett

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Hello Hexo - also new home for blog?

Greetings from Hexo and a markdown file!

Lately I’ve been thinking a bit about why I’ve been attempting to blog more.

There were a few reasons for my attempts to blog:

  • Help people through teaching
  • Help myself through teaching
  • Perhaps make a little money by producing content
  • Build some of my “brand”
  • Become a better writer

In the past few months, I feel like I have accomplished something from most of those points, except the make money part - but I thought that was just an added bonus either way.

Through Medium, I had received a few dollars here and there for my posts, but it did not end up covering the cost of the Medium membership, much less the additional cost of filing an additional tax form on the piddly income that came in.

I don’t have much time before I gotta get the toddler in the bath, so I’ll make this quick. I’ve decided to give Hexo a shot, and perhaps I’ll cross post to medium (but I will definitely still be posting to

I’m waiting on a export so I can (hopefully) more easily migrate to Hexo; additionally I’ll need to update some canonical links everywhere.

Welp. That’s about it!

Oh… do code snippets work out of the box with Hexo?

public void DoStuff(int numberOfStuffsToDo)
 var count = 0;

 // Do things that are neat
 while (true) 

  if (count == 10) 

Got some google analytics action going on as well.

More to come?! Hope so!

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