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Marketing Your Mobile App, The Acquisition Stage

With a user acquisition strategy, the possibilities are endless. It is important to utilize different methods, be creative, and continually refining your strategy. Aim to get as many downloads as possible in the first week after launch. The more rapidly your app gets downloads, the higher it will rank in the App Store search results. It is important as users begin to download your app you track where the downloads are originating from. This way you can focus on the most profitable channels and improve the others. Below is a list of strategies that can be used to acquire users.

○ Paid Strategy
After the app is launched, start rolling out advertising such as ads on social platforms like LinkedIn, which are extremely effective for user acquisition. Depending on your target demographic, you should also consider other platforms like Instagram and Twitter, although the reach is not as large it’s still effective, especially for millennials. LinkedIn’s ad platform is great at letting businesses target desired audiences based on their interests, location, and much more. If you’re targeting your audience via social ads, you need to remember that people have shorter attention spans, so your ads should convey the purpose of the product in a few seconds. If you’re providing a solution that your users are searching for, Google Search ads may also be a good option.

○ App Store Optimization (ASO)
App Store Optimization involves optimizing your App Store page to rank higher in search results and convert at a higher rate. Over 65% of apps are discovered from a search in the App Store directly. Once your app is ranked highly in search for a certain keyword, it will continue to rank for months after. The higher your app ranks, the more visible it is to potential users. Ultimately, the increased visibility should lead to more downloads, which will help get your app noticed by editors. Good app store optimization is dependant on an array of factors which include title and choice of keywords. A great title is a chance to hook users in and get them to click on your app to discover more. Include a keyword in the title for best results. Those keywords should be strategically placed throughout your listing so you show up when users search for those words. Always include features and benefits the user will get out of the app. For added value, include screenshots and videos. Lastly, there are tons of people who would love to use your app but will never find it because it’s not in their language. Change this by localizing your app.

○ Pitch To Apple’s Editorial Team To Be Featured In The App Store
Getting featured in the App Store is another tool for marketers to utilize within their marketing strategy. Being featured offers a greater potential for apps to increase visibility and downloads which can result in lower acquisition costs, more engaged users, and increased revenue.
Every day, a free or paid app and game is reviewed by professional App Store curators. Apple receives thousands of pitches to feature mobile apps. This tactic can be useful if done persuasively. Craft a convincing pitch that outlines what your app does and how it’s unique.

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