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Memmo: Don't leave home without having it installed!

Hello, everybody! We're Juan (@sjdonado), Roberto and Wilson. We are Systems and Computational Engineering students from Colombia.

We are very excited to participate and create something that will help others.

So, this is our first publication about #twiliohackathon. Every week we'll be posting 2 or 1 updates of the project.

What We built

We are building a mobile application called Memmo to generate alerts in case any user has been too close to a person who now has covid-19.

We will collect the geolocation of each user (4am - 10pm). When new cases of COVID-19 are reported we will search for each new patient on our platform. If we find one, we will notify other users who have been within 2 meters of the patient in the last 14 days.

How does it work?

Demo Link


Link to Code

How We built it (what's the stack? did we run into issues or discover something new along the way?)

  • Backend

    • NodeJS
    • Firebase
  • App:

    • Flutter
  • Twilio => SMS Auth, SMS Messages, Calls

Additional Resources/Info

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