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Configuring Gofiber API to access session or cookies from JavaScript Side

In this post we gonna learn how to access to api-created cookie or session data from JavaScript side.

What's inside of Gofiber side (Go)

Firstly, to access cookie or session data, we have to configure Gofiber app.

app := fiber.New()

    AllowOrigins:     "http://localhost:3000",
    AllowCredentials: true,
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In above, we activated CORS, and defined a server address for JavaScript-used website.

Warning: Using * char for AllowOrigins property is invalid. Because you might write a specific address for healthy solution.

Then AllowCredentials property has to be true value.

According to these configs, We can request to this API from http://localhost:3000 address.

What's inside of JavaScript Side

For case in above, we can use fetch api to request to Gofiber app.

Get Gofiber app's address https://localhost:3001

fetch("http://localhost:3000/example", {
        credentials: 'include'
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According to example in above, as an option, we can set credentials property to 'include'. Thus we can add cookies or session datas coming from api to browser.

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