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Discussion on: What Makes an Environment Inclusive?

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Kasey Speakman • Edited

Inclusive to me means respecting everyone's contributions and person-hood.

As for the goal of breaking the typical tech monoculture, said monoculture is pretty far removed from some of my experiences, so I don't feel as strongly about this push as many seem to. It is a consideration, certainly.

I have very nearly described my non-typical experiences multiple times in posts like this. But I always cancel posting the comment when I think about how my previous team mates would feel reading it. The team had far too much professionalism for differences along "inclusive" dimensions to affect the work. So it seems unfair to characterize them by such categories even to bolster inclusiveness. They were awesome coworkers, not merely awesome [category adjective] coworkers.

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Kim Arnett  Author

You can always post anonymously by emailing 💚👍🏼

Love your insight! Good points

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