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Kudakwashe Paradzayi
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How I managed to control my insomnia

I have battled with insomnia for a while now and I have had trouble getting some sleep. In the morning I would wake up tired and that would mess up my day.

I searched on the internet and surprisingly this is a common problem that affects developers. After doing extensive digging, I found out some of the issues that were contributing to the insomnia.

  1. Blue Light - It has been researched by many experts (checkout this Harvad article) that blue light is a major culprit in causing lack of sleep. For me the major source of blue light was my laptop since I do most of my coding & twitter stuff in it.
  2. Fear of not getting things done - I am a student and on the side I do freelance projects. After school I prepare my supper and get ready to dive into the next project or finish one that I would have started earlier. So while doing that I would build a mental graph of all the context that accumulated during that programming session and my fear would be that I would lose all that info once I go to sleep. So I would carry on.
  3. Afraid of the dark - It's quite embarrassing for me to say this but I had some fear of the dark and would try to sleep with the lights on. I suspect this was a huge contributor to my failure to sleep early.

So It went on like that for a long time until one day I was in the bus and listening to @mijustin's podcast when I heard him suggest the sleep with me podcast. I tried it for a night and I fell asleep so easily that I was even surprised myself.

I started doing more research on what causes lack of sleep because prior to my experience with sleep with me podcast, I thought I had some incurable condition. I found out that writing your thoughts down before you sleep can help reduce the mental load and can free your mind to rest whilst you sleep. So below is a tweet summarizing what has helped me get to sleep earlier and longer.

A tweet about how I solved my insomnia problem

I hope this article will help more people who could be facing the same problem. A good night's sleep is a step towards having a great day.

Peace ✌️

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hello, did you guys ever considered using MMJ or CBD oils, Compounds in marijuana naturally relax your mind and body. The best weed for insomnia typically contains a high level of CBD. Research shows that marijuana can decrease the time it takes to fall asleep. It can also improve “deep wave” sleep cycles where we get the most rest. Trying medical marijuana strains like for insomnia can help restore your natural brain chemistry. This may get you into a new routine, where falling asleep comes more easily. Just sharing have a nice day

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Kudakwashe Paradzayi Author

Unfortunately those substances are illegal where I am from