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🔥🔥you have never seen this music app before

Hello, I am kunaal, glad you are here. Today we'll learn to create an awesome fully functional music player with javascript. We'll not use any library. Our music player has three sections - Home, Music Player and Playlist section. In Home section we have one smooth transitioning carousel and we have some playlists card with horizontal scroll.

After that Our music player section has all three buttons to play/pause music forward/backward music. We also have a seek bar for our music player which updates and we can jump into any time on the song with that seek bar. Our player has playing song name, artist name, current time and song duration. We have a lot of things more. You can see the demo in the video or you can watch the coding tutorial of it.

Video Tutorial

Thank you for reading if you have any doubts feel free to ask me in comments.

Have a nice day.

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