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Kundwa Bruno M.
Kundwa Bruno M.

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Taskforce [ Week three ]

Greetings mates!

The end of week three is already here! A lot had happend and a lot i learned, so let me get you through it!

Just to cut it short, we had fruitful sessions. starting with soft we had a great session regarding stress and resilience. we as programmers its very likely to get stress from what we face everyday ( Bugs :) this is where we learnt about resilience and how to practice it in order to overcome stress.

In terms of technical sessions, we started the week with an awesome project that involved a two page website from one of my taskforce mate UI/UX designer. proceeding with a dashboard containing eye catching features like a dark theme built with purely React. I also was introduced to a new front end framework called Ant Design! I learned it and i came to find out that it really makes a front end developer's work and easy and a lot faster.

Concluding, This week was very educative and is the actual beginning of the taskforce! see yah next week

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