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Kushagra Mehta
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Unacademy Software Engineer interview experience, Web

Hello everyone,
I'm Kushagra Mehta, a final year student from Jaipur. I have joined Unacademy as a Software Engineer. In today's blog, I'll be sharing my interview experience at Unacademy for a Software Engineer position.

Big shoutout to Rajat Gupta who, wrote a great Interview experience article that helps me along the way. Link🔗

How it started?

Hmm, This is an interesting one. From my side, I did some cold-DM's in mid of Jun-21 asking for interviews(Great videos on it).

Then on the sweet morning of 13-Jul, I got a call from HR team of Unacademy asking that, Was I available for an interview or not. From here, my journey started, So the call goes like this

  • ** Basic introduction **
  • HR: Can you tell me something about yourself
  • Me: I'm kushagra.....
  • HR: Awsome man
  • Me: 😳 OK.!!
  • HR: Let's schedule a call for your next round
  • Me: 😮 Why not (Inside me:- Am I dreaming or what 😶)

The recruiter explained everything related to the next rounds over the call and scheduled the first round.

I asked my recruiter where he got my profile from, he said he liked my LinkedIn & Github profile and that's why he reached out to me. So boys and girls it's time to improve your online profiles.

Interview rounds✨

  1. JS Fundamentals (~ 1 hr)
  2. Frontend with React (~ 1 hr)
  3. Senior Engineering Manager (~ 30 m)
  4. Culture ( ~ 30 m)

Platform: Google Meet

Coding Environment: CodeSandbox

Let's dive into each round in detail.

👨🏻‍💻 JS Fundamentals

It started with a simple intro. Then we quickly jumped into the realm of JS. The questions revolved around basics concepts of Javascript like:- this, let/var/const, Promises

The interview was more around discussion-based, Why or How something is happening. We started with output-based questions, where we discussed What, Why & How things are happening.

He told me to implement Promises after that, we discussed my approach.

At last, we discussed eventHandling, debouncing & throttling. After that, I was asked to build debouncing function and implement a use-case for it(build Search bar).

How to prepare:💛, Akshay Saini - FE Interview Ques

Everything was chill, he helped me in every step of the interview. Even when I did something wrong with .addEventListener he explained why things are not working and helped me with the process🤯

⚛️Frontend with React

This happened the day after the first round. We started with building a Google timer clone. I was asked to explain the approach I took.

After that, We discussed some basic concepts of JavaScript
closures, setTimeout, this, async/await, promises, async/defer, event loop... Then we jumped into some basic CSS questions like inline/inline-block, Box model, etc.

Then we jumped into the territory of ReactJs. The questions ranged from what is React, State/Props, Lifecycle methods, Lifecycle in Class components vs Functional components, Virtual DOM.

At last, I was given a basic problem to solve Sort an array of 0s, 1s and 2s

How to prepare: Front End Interview Handbook✨, List of top 500 ReactJS Interview Ques😵

This round was also super chill. I stuttering a lot in explaining things. Even I got confused in some question, but interviewer helped me understand them🤯.

👨🏻‍💼Senior Engineering Manager

It was more of a discussion on my decisions over tech-stack, team dynamics, and culture fit. It started with technical questions on Why I choose ReactJs, what I did in my previous internship, What I learned from there, and What I did not like there.

Then he asked me some behavioral questions like:

  1. How will you suggest someone to opt ReactJs rather than other options?
  2. What if there is some conflict with your manager. How will you resolve them?
  3. What if a mentor in a new Organization is not helping much how would you be going to tackle the situation?

Then I was asked, If I have any questions for them and what I would like to work on.(If you see my profile, I'm more of a full-stack guy. 😅 They said we're a flexible team you can work on anything until you're sure about its working 🤩)

How to prepare: 60 Toughest Interview Questions😎

After this round, I got very excited as I wanted to work as a Full-stack guy and got a green flag from the Manager. 🕺🏻


In this round, we discussed the working of the company.

This round was all about behavioral and situation questions like how will you react if the project you're working on for a few months gets shelved.

🥳The End

After all these rounds, I got an Offer letter💌 and I accepted it (voilà 🎊).
I really liked the complete interview process at Unacademy. All the rounds were more oriented toward discussion rather than typical Questions and Answers sessions.

Big thanks to Unacademy for giving me chance to prove myself and to the Talent Acquisition team for the wonderful interview experience. I can't even imagine that I would ever receive an offer from Unacadmey, whole process was like a dream to me (some say I'm still dreaming till this date 😳)

If you're someone who wants to build the future of education, please apply here 👉🏻

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Akin C.

Hello Kushagra Mehta,

thanks for your article.
Congratulations on your job🥳!
The description of your experience is very clear and informative.
I also like the link "How to prepare: 60 Toughest Interview Questions😎"

kushagra_mehta profile image
Kushagra Mehta

Thanks man😁

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Nikhil Bobade


kushagra_mehta profile image
Kushagra Mehta


nikhil27b profile image
Nikhil Bobade

How you got off-campus or on-campus

rajatetc profile image
Rajat Gupta

Glad to hear that my article was useful. And once again - welcome to the team! 😁

sristi27 profile image
Sristi Chowdhury

Awesome !

kushagra_mehta profile image
Kushagra Mehta

I'm happy you liked it. 😁

suryarajendhran profile image
Surya Rajendhran

Wonderful stuff man! You might want to update your bio tho :)

kushagra_mehta profile image
Kushagra Mehta

Just did 😛

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Deepankar Bhade

I appreciate you sharing the resources that's really cool

megha_pathak_ profile image
Megha Pathak

This article is really awesome!
Super proud of you! 🥳

kushagra_mehta profile image
Kushagra Mehta


trinadhkoya9 profile image
Trinadh Koya

Very well put Kushagra! Thanks for the info