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Officially a Tech Returner !

I was so happy when I first found out I was selected for the “Return to Tech” program. After a long career break in programming, I was finding it challenging to return back to software development career. Due to my passion in programming and developing software solutions I really wanted to get back into career again. I was working on my own for few months recently to get myself up to date with all those latest technologies. However, with such a vast area to learn and working on my own I felt it quite difficult and alone.

For me to be the part of tech returner program it is such a great opportunity where I get right support; mentors and team to work with and more importantly others who are on same boat as me and understand the difficulties we all are facing to return back to our career. As I am a hardworking and self-driven person, all I have to do now is give my 100% and step into this journey to rebuilt my career with growth mindset.

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Awww great little blog Kusum! Really lovely hearing your thoughts 💜