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Creating a New Spring Boot Project


  • Browser
  • An IDE Intellij, Netbeans or Eclipse
  • Stable Internet Connection

For this article, we would be focusing on only two IDEs Intellij and Netbeans.

For Netbeans IDE

Step 1: Open your Browser and Navigate to Spring Initializr


Step 2: Select your language

Step 3: Select the version of Spring Boot

Step 4: Select Dependencies

Dependencies used depends on the Project. Select according to the project. For example, a simple registration form with Html and CSS will require the following major dependencies

  • Spring Web Starter
  • Thymeleaf
  • Spring Security
  • Spring Data JPA


Step 5: Click Generate the Project at the Bottom of the page.

This downloads a ZIP file that contains the dependencies just picked.


Step 6: Import the ZIP file in Netbeans


Step 7: Build the Project with dependencies


This will take a few moments.

You must have a Stable Internet connection

Once the downloads are done you are good to go!

For IDEA Intellij IDE

Step 1: Create a new Project in Intellij


Step 2: Create a new Spring Initializr project


Step 3: Select language and other Metadata

Just like on the Spring Initializr website, it has requirements.


Step 4: Select Dependencies required

Pick Dependencies


Once the downloads are done you are good to go

You need a Stable Internet Connection

This will take a few minutes depending on the Speed of your Internet

Happy Coding!!

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