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6 advantages-disadvantages of learning coding.

Ok. First of all I have to say that, If you have a strict vision to be a developer. I am telling you,you are very lucky.Trust me,My name is Asif Zawad. And I am 16 years old. I am a partime web developer.
I started coding in november-2019 with python.I was messing around with the arrays, strings and some super ultra simple projects such as,print("hello world"),or a simple BMI calculator. I didn't had any vision at that time.And also I was not that creative at that time. So my journey on coding was not so long. I started doing some basics HTML,css, JS from some courses.That was the first game changer in my life. I was like,"what was I doing over the past months learning nothing but simple strings and messing around with arrays". Then I started with some simple to advanced level designs. And trust me, that was worth it.

So as my young age experiences,What are the advantages and disadvantages of learning and create a mindset on this type of work.

1.Infinity time :

You know at this age, there is not much job for us. At this age, our main job is to learn and learn and also to learn. So we have enough time to learn something else out of academic studies. We can easily manage the time in our daily schedule of doing something creative or coding.

2. Amazing tech skills :

This thing that I realized that a young kid is more skilled and a fast learner than an adult man. This is one of the biggest opportunity for young generations.They can learn many things faster than other.And also they get a clearer concept from a very small amount of time.

3. CONS, Not have much experience :

You can obviously think that a 25-30 year old developer is way more experienced than a 16-20 year old dev. This is one of the biggest opportunity for 25-30s in the marketplace and they get hired easiy.

4.learning is the passion :

I don't know that this is right.But I saw that our aged guys are more curious about how a tech works, they keep questioning "how" and "why".So this is a very good habit to for this type of career.

5. CONS, Can not attend to bootcamp or colleges :

Actually this not even a disadvantage for us. At this age, we have schools and also higher educations for various topics. And also have exams,so it is a bit hard to attend on a bootcamp ir even a college.But most of the type. We have unlimited courses and many resources out there. We can get them and learn any time,anywhere.

6. Cons, Tutorial hell :

This thing I mostly see that our aged people have experienced the concept of tutorial hell,the main reason of this thing is not having a good mentor,or a guideliner. So this is why we have to decide on our own what to do next.

I ________ for some spelling and some grammatical mistake.This ia my first blog and English is my third language.

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